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1 dead,174 detained; stone pelting, lathi charge, tear gas, police vehicles blazed, as notice put up for illegal dargah demolition in Junagadh | Video

In a deadly clash erupted in Gujarat’s Junagadh on Friday night, over a notice of demolition of an illegally built dargah, stones were pelted, several police vehicles were blazed by a mob of around 500-600 people, which also led to the killing of 1 person and several policemen including a senior cop was injured.

The police have detained 174 people, associated with the violence.

A video of the incident has surfaced.

When some authorities of Junagadh Municipal Corporation reached the Majewadi Gate of the town to put a notice of demolition outside the mosque, a crowd of 500-600 people gathered around the dargarh to protest against the notice.

The frenzy mob in their protest started pelting stones at the police, caused damage to a police post and also set some of the police vehicles on fire.

It is when the police had to lathi-charge on the angry crowd to bring them down and had to resort to firing of tear gas shells in their retalliation.

In the video, a large number of people can be seen gathered outside the mosque and can be seen creating a ruckus and pelting stones at the the police.

It can also be heard in the video abusive languages being used by the crowd.

Junagagh SP Ravi Teja Vasamsetty said, the mosque near Majewadi Gate was given a notice by the Municipal Corporation to present the documents stating the legality of the dargah in the next 5 days.

He added, around 500-600 people gathered, while the police was trying to persuade to clear the road blockade, at around 10:15 pm, stones were pelted at the police.

SP Vasamsetty further informed, several police personnel were injured and a civilian died, the prima facie investigation said the cause of death to be stone pelting but will be clear once the postmortem report comes and further probe is underway.

The situation currently is under control and in peace.

Another video has surfaced which is reportedly of the same dargah in question, in the video, it can be seen several men are lined up outside a dargah and are brutally being thrashed by two masked men.

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