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13-year-old drug addict smashes 6-year-old boy’s head in Uttar Pradesh

A 6-year-old boy was brutally tortured and killed by his 13-year-old neighbour in Rampur city of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. The 13-year-old smashed the boy’s head more than twenty times with a brick. The police found the minor’s body at an under-construction site near NH-87 later in the evening, with the victim’s eyes gouged out and the clothes missing.

The 6-year-old had gone out to buy chocolates for his father on his birthday at around 10 am. The boy did not return after buying the chocolates. He is the only son in the family and his father is an engineer at a private company.  Yogendra Yadav, his father looks after mobile tower installations for a Rampur firm. 

Yogendra had taken a day off from work on Saturday. As his child was not returning home, he went out to find his son. However, he failed to find him. Eventually, he filed a police complaint in the afternoon and around 5:30pm police discovered Yug’s body. Following preliminary investigation, the police team zeroed in on a minor who lives in the same neighbourhood and found him to be a drug addict. 

On Sunday, Assistant Superintendent of Police at Rampur, Sansaar Singh asserted that both the murder weapon and the child’s missing clothes have been found. He added that the accused is a school dropout and has confessed to have committed the crime under the influence of drugs. Further, the accused claimed that he killed the 6-year-old because he was making fun of him.  

The police official mentioned that the accused lives with his mother and had stolen a bicycle recently to buy drugs. Earlier too, the accused had pelted stones at strangers and attacked them. His mother had even registered a complaint against him by calling the 112 police helpline. Sansaar Singh affirmed that they have booked him under IPC section 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence). The police will reportedly send him to a juvenile home. 

As far as reports are concerned, this is the second incident in two months in which a drug addict has committed a brutal murder in Rampur. Earlier on May 6, a man had killed his wife with an ice picker by repeatedly stabbing her in the face and neck.

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