Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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29 trains cancelled, diverted due to heavy rainfall and waterlogging, check details

North India has witnessed heavy rainfall for the past two days, leading to waterlogging in several areas. The adverse weather conditions have affected the social life of the daily commuters. The traffic has been affected severely in the past two days. Adding to the woes, altogether 29 trains have been cancelled, partially cancelled and diverted due to the aforementioned reason. 

Divisional Railway Manager, Ferozepur and Chief Public Relations Officer, Northern Railway Deepak Kumar asserted that due to heavy waterlogging trains have to be cancelled, partially cancelled or diverted on Sirhind-Nagaldem and Chandigarh-Sanehwal railway sections of Ambala Rail Division. In a statement issued by the Northern Railways, the railway spokesperson stated that traffic has been suspended at four locations owing to waterlogging. These sections include Noganwan (Ambala)-New Morinda, between Nangal Dam and Anandpur Sahib and between Kiratpur Sahib and Bharatgarh. 

Reportedly, Train 12925, Pashchim SF express dated 08.07. 2023 is diverted through Ambala Cantt-Sirhind Jn-Sanahwal. The train will skip its regular stoppage at Chandigarh and Sahibzada ASNGR. Furthermore, twenty trains that have been suspended owing to heavy rainfall are Ferozpur Cantt express, Amritsar Superfast Express, Chandigarh Intercity Express. Trains that are diverted due to incessant rainfall are Daulatpur Chowk express, Amritsar express. 

Here is the list of trains that have been suspended for Monday:

Train- 14629: Sutlej Express

Train- 12411: Amritsar Intercity Express

Train- 12242: Chandigarh SF Express

Train- 14614: SAS Nagar Mohali Express

Train- 12058: New Delhi Jan Shatabdi Express

Train- 14506: Amritsar Express

Train- 14505: Nangal Dam Express

Train- 09097 Valsad: Jammu Tawi Special

Earlier on July 9, 17 trains were temporarily affected and suspended due to waterlogging. The trains which were affected are Train – 14610, Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katda-Rishikesh; Train – 14632, Amritsar-Dehradun; Train- 13152, Jammu Tawi-Kolkata; Train- 14606, Jammu Tawi-Haridwar; Train- 12332, Jammu Tawi – Howrah; Train- 14662 Jammu Tawi – Barmer; Train – 12208, Jammu Tawi-Kath Godown; Train- 15012, Chandigarh-Lucknow; Train – 14674; Amritsar-Jayanagar; Train – 12232, Chandigarh-Lucknow; Train – 13308, Firozepur-Dhanbad; Train – 13006, Amritsar-Habadra; Train- 22432, Udhampur – Subedarganj; Train- 14631, Dehradun – Amritsar; Train – 14887, Rishikesh – Barmer; Train – 12231, Lucknow – Chandigarh; Train – 14609, Rishikesh – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra.

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