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After truck rides in India, Rahul Gandhi rides truck from Washington DC to New York in the US

Rahul Gandhi takes truck ride in the US

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his recent trip to the United States took a truck ride from Washington DC to New York with truck driver Taljinder Singh. During the 190-km long journey, the Congress leader and the truck driver exchanged their views regarding the working conditions of Indian and American truck drivers. 

During the truck ride, Rahul Gandhi recalled his previous truck rides in India namely one from Murthal to Ambala, one from Ambala to Chandigarh, and the other from Delhi to Chandigarh. The Congress leader discussed how trucks in India were not designed for the driver’s comfort, while noticing that the American truck was built keeping the drivers comfort in mind. 

The truck driver, Taljinder Singh opined that the American trucks had much better safety measures when compared to the Indian ones. The two further deliberated on the possibility of minimum wages and credit facility for fuel refilling for Indian drivers. Taljinder Singh mentioned that the truck drivers in India stay far away from their families for nearly 8-10 days at a time. He expressed that the phenomenon is hard compared to the drivers with families in the US. He added that truck drivers in the United States can do both and survive. 

The truck driver also expressed his views about Indian politics and economy. He added that the BJP followers do not talk about unemployment, education and humanity. He continued that there is so much inflation and people have now understood that true dharma is when one person helps another. He opines that everyone is free to follow their religion but this still won’t guarantee food on one’s plate, one needs to have specific skills to earn more. Rahul Gandhi replied to this stating that no religion teaches to spread hate. 

Rahul Gandhi and Taljinder Singh also spoke about the murder of Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moosewale. Commenting that the singer did not get justice yet, the truck driver decided to play a song in his memory. Earlier in May, Gandhi took a truck ride in Haryana, from Murthal to Ambala, in a bid to understand the issues and problems faced by the drivers. Meanwhile, following the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress is projecting Gandhi as a “jan nayak” or people’s leader. 

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