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Anju-Nasrullah: Multiple twists emerge in latest India-Pakistan love story

Anju-Nasrullah: Multiple twists emerge in latest India-Pakistan love story

The Madhya Pradesh police have initiated an investigation into the family of Anju Thomas, a woman from Gwalior who travelled to Pakistan to meet and marry a Facebook friend, leaving her husband and two children behind in Rajasthan, falsely informing them that she was going to Jaipur.

The Hindu Mahasabha, on Thursday, submitted a memorandum to the Gwalior Police, urging them to probe the circumstances surrounding the religious conversion of Anju’s family, who had migrated from Bhind a few years ago.

Gwalior SP Rajesh Chandel confirmed that the police have received the organization’s complaint and are actively looking into the matter. Jaiveer Bharadwaj, the national vice president of Hindu Mahasabha, stated that the family originally resided in Bhind and had previously converted to Christianity but is now involved in activities with missionaries.

Anju left her home on July 20, as per the police. Her husband, Arvind, discovered her visit to Pakistan and contacted her through WhatsApp. Anju confirmed her presence in Dir town, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, with her 29-year-old Pakistani friend, Nasrullah.

Anju and Arvind got married in 2007 in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Anju had obtained a valid Pakistan Visa for 30 days to meet Nasrullah, whom she had befriended four years ago on Facebook. Deceiving her husband by falsely claiming to go to Jaipur for tourism, she assured him of a quick return. The couple had been residing in a rented flat in Bhiwadi, Alwar. Arvind urged the media not to sensationalize the situation as a Hindu-Muslim love story.

Reportedly, Anju, now known as Fatima, has embraced Islam and married Nasrullah in a local court after her conversion. She released a video on social media, requesting journalists not to disturb her relatives or children in India and assuring them that she will address any inquiries on her own.

Nasrullah is believed to be a science graduate from a university in Sherigal and is the youngest among five brothers. The two had established their friendship on Facebook in 2019. As per Pakistani media reports, their marriage was solemnized, and a proper Nikah was performed after Anju’s conversion to Islam. Currently, Anju is touring various places in Dirbala with Nasrullah and sharing videos of their trip on social media

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