Arvind Kejriwal warns bus drivers for not stopping buses for women passengers

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Arvind Kejriwal warns bus drivers for not stopping buses for women passengers

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has warned of strict action against bus drivers of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) if they do not stop for women passengers. The Delhi government had introduced free travel for women in October 2019.

Kejriwal tweeted a video in which a bus driver stops a bus at a stop for a man to get off but doesn’t wait for the three women passengers to board it. The video shows the women running after the bus. The bus shown in the video is a cluster bus and cluster buses are notorious for not following traffic regulations as well as sundry other offences.

In the tweet, the Delhi CM said further complaints have started coming in about bus drivers not stopping buses for women passengers because they don’t need to pay bus fare. Kejwriwal added strict action will be taken against such drivers and such behaviour will not be tolerated at all.

The tweet of the Delhi Chief Minister was not spared even by the trolls. BJP supporters and AAP supporters traded nasty comments at each other. One user said some people are not carrying out their work and duties responsibly in a dig at the Aam Aadmi Party government and its chief minister. So, the user suggested strict action should be taken against the ministers.

Another user said the tweet was symbolic of the hypocrisy of the AAP government on women’s welfare. Another user said the video was fake and scripted. Others said drivers who don’t stop buses like they should, should be sacked forthwith. Another user recalled how a bus nearly ran over a rickshaw due to rash driving. The user also said many bus drivers misbehave and use foul language at other motorists on the road.

In his reaction to the media, Delhi Transport and Law Minister Kailash Gahlot said the driver in the video tweeted by Kejriwal has been replaced and taken off duty. He said an investigation has begun against the driver and other staff. Gahlot said such behaviour from any driver was absolutely unacceptable. He appealed to passengers to record any such irregularities on video and share it for action to be taken against the offending bus personnel.

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