Ashita Agrawal Becomes India’s Only Tea Blogger, Shares Passion for Tea with Enthusiasts Worldwide

Ashita Agrawal

When it comes to tea, India is no stranger. After all, India is the second-largest tea producing country in the world and boasts a rich history of the popular beverage. But what many people don’t know is that when it comes to information and education about tea, India has lagged behind other countries.

Ashita’s journey as a tea blogger started when she realized the lack of information on the topic in India. She found that despite India being one of the largest tea-producing countries in the world, there was a lack of awareness about the different types of tea, their origins, and brewing techniques. Ashita Agrawal has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the only tea blogger in India. With her blog ““, Ashita has been sharing her passion for tea and its various nuances with tea enthusiasts from all over the world.

With a mission to change this, Ashita started her blog in 2020, which quickly gained popularity among tea lovers across the globe. Her blog features articles on tea varieties, tea culture, and the latest trends in the tea industry. She also shares her own experiences and insights on different tea blends and brewing methods. Ashita’s blog has gained a strong following and has been recognized by the food bloggers association of India & Godrej in the year 2022 for its unique content and approach.

“I am thrilled to be the only tea blogger in India,” says Ashita. “Tea is not just a beverage but a way of life, and I want to share my knowledge and love for tea with as many people as possible. I am grateful for the support of my readers, and I hope to continue to inspire and educate tea enthusiasts for many years to come.”

Ashita’s dedication to spreading knowledge about tea and her commitment to the tea industry has made her a pioneer in the tea blogging community in India. She has certainly made a huge impact in the community and has helped create more awareness about tea in India.

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