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Bhopal fire: Why was the 5.5 crore advanced hydraulic ladder remain unused for rescue work?

As the blaze of the deadly fire spread across the seven storey Satpura Bhawan in Bhopal on Tuesday, destroyed the government offices and documents as well. The rescue operations were being carried out to douse the fire and its its damage to life and property.

The fire tragedy is now raising alarm putting up a question of why a Rs 5.5 crore brand new hydraulic ladder remain unused during the rescue operations, which was parked just 40 m away from the site of the incident. The Fire fighting machine had been bought nine months ago to help in the fire fighting operations for up to 18 story building.

As per reports, the machine had not been cleared by the regional transport office.  According to senior fire officials, another reason cited for not using the fire fighting machine was the lack of trained firefighters who could operate the machine. The Army and the Indian Air Force jointly involved, which took 14 hours to them to bring down the fire.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narrotam Mishra said there was no space for the hydraulic machine to pass through. An order had been passed earlier by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan that there should be enough space in big buildings for fire fighting vehicles to enter.

Earlier the fire fighters were using step ladders and machines which could be used only to reach three to four story. The same ladders was used in yesterday’s rescue operation. According to reports four to five people, who had been trained for the rescue operation were unavailable at the time of the incident.

The fire started at 4pm yesterday from Satpura Bhawan’s third floor. The building housed the regional office of Tribal Welfare Department. The fire spread rapidly to the three upper floors of the building.

The fire spread and came in contact with air conditioners and some gas cylinders, which led to multiple blasts and spreading of the fire rapidly. Bhopal Chief Commissioner said the fire happened due to a short circuit. He further added that a team had been formed to investigate the incident.

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