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Bihar man found eating momos in Noida, 4 months after family presumed him dead

In a bizarre turn of events, a man from Bihar, who was presumed to dead for months by the family, was found alive in Noida eating momos.

Nishant Kumar, a resident of Bhagalpur, Bihar’s Naugachia had disappeared months ago, while he was attending a marriage function at his in-laws house.

Kumar had disappeared on January 31, 2023. His father Sachidanand Singh had alleged, Kumar was kidnapped by his in-laws.

Singh had filed a case in the Sultanganj police station against Kumar’s brother-in-law Ravi Shankar Singh and father-in-law Naveen Singh for abducting Kumar.

Ravi who was alleged to be the kidnapper of Kumar spotted Kumar eating momos at Sector 50, Noida.

As per Ravi, he spotted a man in a long beard and in ragged clothes, in an altercation with the momo stall owner begging for momos.

Ravi out of pity, then asked the vendor to give the beggar a plate of momos and later identified the beggar was none other than Kumar, who went missing months ago.

Ravi then immediately dialled 100 and took Kumar to a police station, the Sultanganj police station was later informed of the same.

The investigation is underway on how Kumar reached Delhi and to verify all the instances that took place, reports said, Kumar will be questioned in the court on how re reached Delhi.

Meanwhile, Ravi has claimed he and his family were harassed by Kumar’s family and they hope for the justice.

Ravi also alleged that they were in continuous torture from Kumar’s family, for which one of his passed away in shock as he couldn’t handle the grave allegations charged by Kumar’s family.

There are various incidents in the recent past, when family members lost for months and later presumed to be dead, have returned back to their homes or have been spotted in a location far away from their home state.

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