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Bihar: Officials send out reinforcements to control communal unrest after beef found inside Hanuman temple

There was unrest in the Aurangabad district of Bihar after beef was found in the premises of a nearby Hanuman Temple. To stop any communal unrest, police were stationed in the neighbourhood.

On Saturday, locals in Balabigha, Haspura, discovered meat kept within the Hanuman Temple. The police and the relevant authorities were then contacted.

As soon as police arrived, the temple was washed and sanitised.

The meat was allegedly kept within the shrine by some antisocial characters in an effort to sabotage local peace.

In a discussion with the people, the police also made the decision to look over the CCTV footage from the area to spot anti-social individuals and punish them severely. The conversation promoted rapprochement between the populace.

Police were stationed in the neighbourhood, nevertheless, as a precaution to stop any racial unrest.

A similar incident also happened near the Hanuman temple at the T-intersection in Katcha Katra, where a sack of beef was found. The Hindu side protested and blocked the route after getting information about this. They demanded that a case be filed and that the suspect be taken into custody right now. At the T-junction, the police are always present. Despite this, unidentified miscreants threw the beef. Residents are shocked at the police’s carelessness. Such atrocities will not be permitted, a Hindu organisation representative Rajesh Awasthi stated.

Another similar incident occurred in Faridabad where police arrested two accused, out of the two one is a butcher. They are arrested for reportedly tossing the head and meat of at least four buffaloes close to a Hanuman temple on Gurugram-Faridabad Road.

According to the police, they are looking for two further suspects who got away.

Police say that on Friday at 9 a.m., someone visiting the temple saw some meat close to the stairwell and contacted temple officials, who then called the police.

Senior police officers, a crime squad, and a forensic science laboratory (FSL) team visited the scene and gathered samples after the police control centre was alerted.

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