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Bihar: Police lathi-charge CTET aspirants in Patna amid protest against state government over ending of domicile rule in recruitments | Watch

A heart-wrenching case of child exploitation was reported in Jaipur, Rajasthan. According to a report, Jaipur Police and Children’s welfare organization in a child abuse case have rescued 22 innocent children. A jewellery mafia in Jaipur purchased 22 children at Rs 500 each from Bihar and forced them to work for 18 hours a day in his jewelry-making shop.

As per the police, these 22 children were forcibly brought to Bhatta Basti, Jaipur where the child maltreatment was taking place. The innocent 22 children were forced to work for 18 hours for Khichdi (cereal) for one time a day. All the rescued children dwell from Sitamarhi and Muzaffarpur in Bihar. This case raises a serious concern about the protection of children from such crimes. It has ruined their childhood at the age of attending school and playing sports.   

Following the rescue, the children told the police that the accused Shahnawaz Alias Guddu brought them by paying just Rs 500 each to their parents from Bihar to the Bhatta Basti area in Jaipur. They further elaborated, Shahnawaz with his wife used to lock them in a room for 18 hours to work on ornaments. The accused himself had 4 children, the rescued children told the police. When police raided, Shahnawaz and his wife fled, leaving their children there.

Police said, the children were sent for the medical examination, and one child aged 11-year-old was found malnourished. Due to physical abuse, another child’s rib was found swollen. Both the children were admitted to the hospital.

The police are currently looking for both the accused, Shahnawaz, and his wife. They escaped at the time of the raid, leaving their 4 children alone at home. The case came to light when neighbors heard an unusual voice of children screaming for help on June 12. Earlier, they ignored the crying voices since it was not unusual as on Monday, June 12. They speculated and informed the incident with a children’s welfare organisation named “Bachpan Bachao Andolan” founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi.

The children’s welfare organization director Manish Sharma informed the same to the police and they collaborated to rescue all 22 children from the accused home. Both the accused have not been arrested yet. The few rescued children were hospitalized for treatment and the rest were safe with the police.

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