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BJP leader Vinod Sharma in Bihar resigns from his position due to unrest in Manipur

Vinod Sharma, the BJP’s state spokesperson for Bihar, submitted his resignation from the party on Thursday over the ethnic unrest in Manipur because he felt stigmatised for working for the party’s leadership during the monsoon session of Parliament amid the high-tension drama.

He further claimed that the Manipur episode, in which two Kuki community members were paraded in the open while being watched by an angry mob of between 800 and 1,000 men, had defamed India on a global scale. Despite the horrific episode, Sharma voiced his surprise at N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, who claimed that hundreds of similar incidents have occurred in the state.

After resigning he addressed to media and said that very heavy heart he has resigned. He also said, the Manipur situation has damaged India.

Sharma further informed PM Modi and BJP national president JP Nadda in a letter that such an incident had never occurred elsewhere. Still, the PM is dozing off, and he lacks the guts to remove CM Biren Singh, the speaker said.

He further said, he had been asked to argue for the Manipur event, which he categorically rejected. Then I understood that nobody (from the party) would pay attention. They are power-hungry and unconcerned for our girls and fellow citizens, he claimed.

In response to the latest incident, Janata Dal (United) slammed the BJP, claiming that even BJP leaders are feeling ashamed of their government. Sharma was further reported by the party as claiming that he felt stigmatised and self-conscious about working for the BJP leadership.

The last time Sharma made headlines was during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when he announced his resignation from the Congress due to Rahul Gandhi’s position on the Pulwama terror attack.

The JD(U), the party of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, chuckled at the situation.

According to Umesh Singh, head of the JD(U) state unit, the resignation of senior spokesman Vinod Sharma shows cracks appearing in the BJP’s rank and file as a result of the Narendra Modi government’s improper handling of the Manipur issue.

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