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BSP supremo Mayawati blames Congress, BJP pointing Rahul Gandhi’s US speech


Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati took a jibe on the Congress and the BJP terming former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s US speech to be a harsh truth.

On Friday, the BSP leader took to her official twitter handle to write Gandhi’s recent speech at US about the status of Dalits and Muslims society in India  to be a bitter truth and blamed the ruling BJP, its predecessor Congress  and the past governments who ruled the country for such situation.

Rahul Gandhi who is on a three-city tour of the US, has been holding various interactions at different events. Gandhi spoke about how the Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs, Christians and other religions feel attacked in India.

The former Uttar Pradesh CM also wrote, whether it is the government of Congress or BJP or SP in other states including UP, the injustice-atrocities and exploitation are common at every level on the poor and deprived of the majority Bahujan Samaj.

She claimed, while in UP, only the BSP government had governed by the law and justice was done to all by establishing the rule of law.

Mayawati further added, if history would be traced, it is filled with dark chapters of incessant and countless communal riots and casteist incidents which were undertaken for political and electoral interests, for which allegations and counter-allegations are made by the political parties but due to these reasons people of these classes are constantly exploited and victimized despite their benevolent constitution and they remain helpless.

The BJP is attacking Gandhi over his remarks in US about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, press freedom and institutions in the country. BJP is in view that the Congress leader holds no bar to insult India at the International forum.

Gandhi arrived in US earlier this week is slated to conclude his trip by addressing a public event in New York on June 4.

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