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Bull tortured to death by villagers in Uttar Pradesh | Watch video

Bull tortured to death

In a tragic incident in Uttar Pradesh, a bull was tortured to death by villagers. The incident took place in Ludhpura village of Bilsanda police station area. In no matter of time, the video went viral on various social media platforms. Multiple social activists and animal rights activists have expressed their anger over the incident.

Reacting to the incident, a social media user and a social activist urged Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to take urgent steps regarding rise in animal cruelty in the state. The activist noted that atrocities on animal are increasing day by day addinf that there is a need for strict action and strict law.

In the video that went viral, a group of villagers can be seen tying a thick rope around the legs and neck of the bull. A villager was also seen pulling a rope through the nose of the bull in a playful manner. In addition, a rope was also fastened around the bull’s mouth while it was helplessly trying to escape from the trap. Succumbing to the injuries and pain, the bull eventually died a painful death.

Besides this incident, there are many other incidents of animal cruelty in Uttar Pradesh . A few months ago, a female dog and two pups were put in a cardboard box and were abandoned near a petrol pump in the Tedhi Bagiya area in Agra. Later a passer-by saw the box and opened it. At that moment, the female dog was unconscious while the pups were caught yelping.

Recently, the Bombay High Court in its ruling in another incident said that animals have emotions, feelings and senses similar to a human being. The court added that the only difference is that the animals cannot speak and therefore though their rights are recognized under the law, the cannot assert the same.

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