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Centre reduces retail tomato prices to Rs 70 per kg with effect from Thursday

On Saturday, a tragic incident occurred at a residence in Vaddarahalli, located on the northwestern outskirts of Bengaluru. A 32-year-old engineer named Arjun K, who had recently been discharged from Nimhans against medical advice, allegedly killed his 62-year-old father, Krishnamurthy YR, following a financial dispute. Krishnamurthy, a retired BMTC driver, resided in Raghavendra Layout in Vaddarahalli.

After the incident, Arjun’s family requested that he be readmitted to Nimhans, and he has now been admitted. Additionally, Arjun’s mother has been booked for destroying evidence related to the case. Arjun, who previously worked as an engineer in a private firm in Kerala but was terminated due to poor performance, is Krishnamurthy’s only son. His elder sister is married and resides in Attiguppe.

Krishnamurthy had utilized his retirement benefits to construct a house in Vadarahalli, for which Arjun had reportedly provided Rs15 lakh. After losing his job, Arjun returned to Vaddarahalli and stayed with his parents. He demanded that his father return the money he had given. Krishnamurthy attempted to explain that the property would eventually belong to Arjun, but Arjun was persistent in demanding the money.

According to a police officer, Arjun allegedly assaulted Krishnamurthy a week prior to the murder, causing injuries to his leg. Krishnamurthy received treatment at Victoria Hospital but returned home afterward. On Saturday morning around 9 am, Arjun discovered his father inside his room. He entered the room, locked it from inside, and proceeded to punch Krishnamurthy in the face and bang his head against the wall.

As a result of the attack, Krishnamurthy collapsed on the floor. Arjun then placed his foot on Krishnamurthy’s neck and applied pressure until he died. Arjun subsequently went to his own room and went to sleep. Indiramma, Arjun’s mother, noticed her husband lying motionless and proceeded to clean the blood-stained walls and floor before informing her daughter Pratibha and the police.

Pratibha arranged for an ambulance, and Indiramma rushed her husband to a nearby hospital in Madanayakanahalli. However, the doctors declared Krishnamurthy as brought dead.

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