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Clash erupts over parking in Jharkhand, 5 injured

After a scooter struck a parked bike in Ranchi, Jharkhand, on Saturday night, fights broke out between two groups. The bike belonged to Ashish, the owner of a studio, who suffered injuries in the incident along with four other people.

A scooter’s hit with Ashish’s bike, which was parked outside his studio, started the fight. He demanded that the rider either fix the bike or pay him for the damage. The biker responded that he would not do either and immediately dialed his family.

Later, 15 to 20 others appeared on the spot and started hitting Ashish with sticks, rods, and other sharp objects.

Shop owners from the surrounding market gathered and organised a protest outside the police station, calling for an investigation into the incident that had caused the neighbourhood to become uneasy. To keep an eye on the situation, many police officers have been stationed nearby.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pratul Shahdev sought the immediate arrest of individuals accountable for the communal tension in Ranchi.

On June 30, a fight broke out between two groups over the theft of a battery charger from an e-rickshaw owned by Janaradan Yadav in the Katras police station area of Dhanbad, Jharkhand. The incident, which occurred at about 11:20 p.m., started a quarrel that quickly turned violent.

During the conflict, there was a lot of stone-throwing, looting of homes and businesses, vandalism of seven vehicles, including a police car, and even bombs were thrown. As a result, section 144 was implemented, and hundreds of police officers and security people were sent to the area to ensure law and order.

The incident was recorded by the CCTV camera that was located in a nearby store, along with some of the people’s faces. Some Janaradan Yadav associates questioned Shamshad alias Bablu Ansari about the situation at the latter’s shop in Kailudih, which sparked the bloodshed.

Twelve or so persons have been hurt as a result of the violent fight. The theft initially led to a discussion and conflict between the two parties, but within two hours, things got much worse.

The police reached the sport after which the situation came under control.

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