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Cyclone Biparjoy intensifies: Several flight delays, chaos at Mumbai airport

The Mumbai airport’s temporary shut of the main runway after inclement weather caused chaos as travellers waited Sunday night.

As Cyclone Biparjoy evolved into an extremely severe cyclonic storm, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted rain and thunderstorms for Mumbai on Monday. It is anticipated to make landfall on the coast of Mumbai on June 15.

In response to a passenger’s post about a delayed flight, IndiGo Airlines resorted to Twitter to apologise for the inconvenience caused due to bad weather.

Taking to Twitter the passenger tweeted, despite the fourth delay of the flight to Mumbai (due to operational problems), there is still no clear message. The passengers’ schedule is impacted by this disruption, which is something worth considering. He also said, this behaviour of the airline is pathetic in every way. The passenger added, atleast people should be given different flights.

In response, IndiGo said, it is never our intention to tamper with our customers’ plans and committed to quickly finding a solution.

A passenger travelling from Air India took to Twitter and complained about the airline’s service. He also shared the statement issued by Air India in which the airline said, unfavourable weather conditions and the temporary closure of Runway 09/27 at the Mumbai airport have resulted in delays and cancellations of some of our flights.

Air India in its tweet said, some of our flights have been delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, the temporary closure of Runway 09/27 at the Mumbai airport, and other unavoidable consequences. The airline also added, they are trying to minimise interruptions as much as they can, thus also they draw apologise to their passengers for the inconvenience.

A video from the airport is also going viral on the internet in which it is seen that a woman is arguing with an IndiGo Airlines employee at the Mumbai airport. The passenger was arguing with the airline staffers because the flight was delayed by 1 hour and 40 mins and her father-in-law was admitted to the ICU.

Meanwhile, cyclonic storm Biparjoy has turned into an extremely powerful cyclonic storm and is expected to strike the coasts of south-southwest Gujarat and nearby Pakistan.

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