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Delhi: Cab driver returns passenger’s lost phone, wins hearts

A Twitter post has been shared widely on the internet for a good reason. A cab driver in New Delhi has been winning praise from the netizens for his honesty after he returned a mobile phone to a man who forgot it in his cab.

A person named Shajan Samuel, an ultra runner and fitness coach shared a post on Twitter and praised the cab driver for his honesty. The cab driver has been identified as Hiralal Mondal. Samuel explained the whole inspiring story. He booked a cab from the Delhi Airport to the hotel, but his colleague left his mobile phone in the cab.

They thought they would not get the mobile ever again but, the cab driver came to the hotel where they were staying and returned the phone. Samuel also mentioned that the driver told them that he had done this before as well when a foreigner had lost his belongings. 

He said in a Tweet he booked Meru Cabs at Delhi Airport yesterday late evening. His colleague Vivek lost his phone in the cab and they didn’t have the driver’s number, so they thought they were never going to get the phone back, and gave up hope, but to their surprise, Hiralal Mondal the driver came to the hotel with the phone.

He added employees like Hiralal are an asset to the company. Hiralal has done this before as well. When a foreigner lost his wallet, he returned that too. Humanity is in his blood. He requested to take good care of Hiralal.  

Netizens were impressed with his honesty and expressed their thoughts on the post. Many have requested the company of Hiralal to reward him for this gesture.  

One commented appreciation is good, but also rewards him with real money. A second added, that good samaritans hold the world together. unsung unknown faces keep doing their bit regardless of what the world has become today.

Meru Cabs also responded to the tweet and thanked Samuel for sharing his pleasant experience. They added that we truly appreciate your kind acknowledgment.

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