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Delhi floods: 3 kids drown while bathing in flood water in Mukundpur

As the water level has risen in the Yamuna river due to incessant rain, that hit the three treatment plants, which will affect the supplies of drinking water in New Delhi for two days from July 13 to 14.

Delhi’s river has been on the rise after unusually heavy downpours in neighbouring states like Haryana. Delhi has also seen incessant rain over the last couple of days with flooding in low-lying communities that forced many people to seek shelter in relief camps.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal informed that the three water plants of Wazirabad, Chandrawal, and Okhla will be closed. Due to this, there will be a water shortage in some areas of the national capital, Delhi CM added.

He further added that once the Yamuna water recedes, they will try to start them as soon as possible.

CM Arvind Kejriwal also visited the Wazirabad Water Treatment Plant, which has stopped operating due to the rise in water levels. Since the three water plant has been shut, 25 percent of the water supply in Delhi will be affected and there might be water shortage for two days, CM Kejriwal said.

While speaking to a reporter, CM Kejriwal said that they arrived at the Wazirabad Water Treatment Plant. Delhi has seen for the first time that Yamuna has risen up to this level. Following that, three Water Treatment Plants in the National capital have been shut down as the water entered pumps & machines.

CM added 25% of the water supply in Delhi will go down due to this. The tubewells have been closed too. There will be water scarcity for a day or two. He further added the supply may be resumed by tomorrow evening if everything goes well.

The Yamuna expanded to a staggering 208.48 metres on July 13 in the morning, reaching the streets and public and private infrastructure, and causing immense hardships to people living in close proximity to the river.

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