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Delhi likely to see flood situation as Yamuna level rises to 207.18 metre mark, highest in 10 years

A video showcased a bridge in Himachal Pradesh that was covered by plastic waste after the flood waters recede. The video has gone viral on social media platforms, stating nature’s playback time. The video has highlighted the human’s major harm to mother nature.

The video was shared on Twitter by the handle name Jigar Pandya and he captioned it throws back at humans

In the video, an unknown bridge could be seen covered with garbage like plastic bottles and polythene bags. Following the situation, it was pretty clear that the flood water carried those garbages to the bridge.

As locals were seen crossing the bridge in a mess situation, however, few people were seen cleaning the mess as various stems and branches moved with the garbage covering the bridge.

The video raised serious concern and seek immediate action to save mother nature. The video of the bridge attracted the attention of several viewers, who expressed their concern in the comment section.

Many blamed tourists for this situation, as they pollute the mountains and the forests by throwing waste into the open when they visit Himachal Pradesh.

The video was first shared by the Twitter handle Rishi Bagree and he captioned it nature’s payback time. The video has garnered 250 thousand views and several comments so far.

A user believed the situation would change if tourists took it as a warning and restrain themselves from causing further pollution. He added if citizens do not protect the ecology, a devastation that was never seen before could strike.

Another user said in a sarcastic way nature just switched on the auto-cleansing mode.

In less than one month since the monsoon arrived in the country, torrential rains have wreaked havoc across the hilly states of North India. The situation in Himachal Pradesh, in particular, is quite concerning, as the state witnessed 41 landslides, 29 flash floods, and one cloud burst between June 24 and July 10.

Due to rain-related incidents, at least 80 people have reportedly lost their lives, while many houses and bridges have been washed away by floods. Nature might have turned quiet now, but the people of Himachal are yet to recover from the damage. While damage control has been underway.

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