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Delhi’s Neha Bhatia wowed the title by winning the title of Delhi NCR at Tiska Miss India show.

Neha Bhatia, who has made a different identity in the fashion industry with her hard work and true dedication. succeeded in making. Tiska Miss and Mrs India 2022 show was organized at Crowne Plaza Hotel located in Gurgaon, in which Neha Bhatia won the title of Miss Delhi NCR on the basis of her hard work. Talking to the media, Neha tells that it was difficult for me to achieve this success but not impossible, so I did not lose courage and kept my hard work and passing one round after another, I managed to reach my destination. And won this title.

Neha further tells that in this whole journey, my family members have also supported me, who encouraged me every moment, whatever I am today because of them, and at the same time let me tell one more thing that my father’s dream was to see me doing something big . Neha’s dream is to become a great model,she has started her journey for that and now she wants to participate in the show on a large scale so that she can make her country proud. & now Neha also takes up social work on her personal YouTube channel named as Checklist Production. She delieves in humanity, dedication and destiny.

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