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DGCA fines Indigo Rs 30 lakh, following four tail strike incidents


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) fined Indigo Rs. 30 lakh after finding’systemic errors’ in the airline’s documentation and operating processes.

The fine was imposed after the aviation watchdog performed a special audit in response to complaints about the airline’s numerous tail-hit accidents. In the course of six months this year, Indigo Airlines’ A321 aircraft suffered four tail hits.

The DGCA examined the airline’s documentation and operating procedures for its operations, training, engineering, and FDM (flight data monitoring) programs during its special assessment.

During the special audit, certain systemic deficiencies were observed in M/s Indigo Airlines documentation pertaining to operations/training procedures and engineering procedures, a senior DGCA official said on Friday.

According to the official, Indigo was given a show cause notice by the aviation regulator following the audit, instructing it to respond within the allotted period.

The response was examined at many levels, but it was not deemed satisfactory. The DGCA has since fined M/s Indigo Airlines Rs. 30 lakhs and ordered them to change their paperwork and operating processes in accordance with OEM standards, the official continued.

After investigating the tail strike incident involving an A321 aircraft that happened on June 15 in Ahmedabad, the DGCA has suspended two IndiGo pilots on Wednesday. The pilots had previously received a show-cause warning.

A tail strike happens when an airplane’s tail slides through something or anything strikes in it during takeoff or landing. Tail impacts are frequently the result of human error and can seriously harm the aircraft.

The crew’s departure from established stand operating procedures during the landing was discovered after the DGCA investigation of the aircraft.

Due to this, the DGCA decided to suspend the co-pilot’s and the pilot-in-command’s licences for three months each for breaking the relevant Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR).

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