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Drunk robbers in Delhi, waylay couple find they have Rs 20, part with Rs 100

In a bizarre incident of robbery in the national capital, two robbers were caught showing a kind and caring gesture towards their target, as they end up giving Rs.100 to the target couple, whom they attempted to rob after finding out that the couple was having only Rs. 20 and some fake jewelry only. 

Although the incident took place on the night of June 21 and was recorded on CCTV, the footage went viral 3 days later and is now grabbing the attention of netizens. 

Rohit Meena, DCP of Shahdara informed that both the robbers were drunk when they tried to execute their plan. After examining the CCTV footage, the Police found that these robbers had created havoc in other areas too. The Police have also recovered the pistol which was used to threaten the couple. 

The Police have also recovered the scooter used in the crime and 30 mobile phones were also recovered from the robbers. The police apprehended two robbers in the Shahdra district and a case has been registered against them and the investigation is ongoing. 

DCP also informed that on June 21, the police were alerted to three consecutive phone calls. The first call reported an attempted jewelry snatching from a couple, followed by the second call reporting an attempted mobile phone snatching. The third call informed the police about an attempted robbery by threatening a couple with a pistol. Notably, all three calls were made by different individuals. Acting quickly, the Station House Officer (SHO) reached at the scene spot and discovered that one of the suspects was armed with a pistol.

The police embarked on a thorough investigation. The police team reviewed approximately 200 CCTV footage and tracked the criminals. They were shocked to find out a series of robberies plan executed by the same robbers. After finding out this information, the police successfully apprehend the first accused, Harsh Rajput, aged 31.

On the other hand, netizens were shocked and at the same time enjoyed the video and the comment section was flooded with users’ reactions.  

Some are saying it is a kind gesture while some are marking it as humiliation and insult of the couple by the robbers.

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