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Extramarital affair leads to marital clatter, woman demands lover to marry her in court: Aurangabad


A man in Aurangabad sent an explicit video to his married lover’s husband which caused conflicts in her relationship. Following this the woman demanded the young man to marry her in court.

An interesting love triangle took a costly turn as a young man’s affair with a married woman led to marital conflict and court proceedings in Aurangabad. The woman determined to seek justice, insisted on marriage while the young man pleaded for forgiveness after sending an objectional video to her husband.

An unusual incident took place in Nabinagar and Amba blocks, involving Soni Kumari 25-year-old, married woman from Mahuli village, and Arun Kumar 26-year-old from Narhar Amba. The secret relationship between the two lasted for three years.

During his affection for love, the young man recorded an explicit video of the woman and shared it with her husband and brother-in-law, causing the video to go viral on social media. The married woman’s life got destroyed because of the video. She was abandoned by her husband, prompting her to demand marriage from the young man, but the young man persistently refused it.

The woman along with a lawyer took this matter to the Aurangabad court on Friday to prepare an affidavit for their marriage. While the woman willingly signed the papers, the young man declined, leading to a heated argument between the two.

Amid the dramatic scene at the court, the young man broke down in tears, expressing remorse and pleading for forgiveness. He confessed his confusion and asked the woman to not waste their lives, considering their respective marital commitments.

However, the woman outraged by the young man’s apology, emphasized that she could not let him go away as she had already left her husband’s house because of him and had nowhere else to go with her children. She insisted that regardless of tears, the young man has no choice but to marry her.

As per the report, after receiving the information about the incident, the Aurangabad woman’s police station intervened and took both parties to the police station. Police trying to find ways to resolve this case through counseling sessions.    

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