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Farmers, khaps call-off protest hours after blocking Delhi-Rohtak Highway demanding Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s arrest, MSP legal guarantee among 23 others

In a recent incident showing police touching the peak of brutality, in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur, police beats woman, dragged her on the streets by pulling her hair, assaulted children and other villagers in an anti-police protest.

The heinous act of the police was recorded on camera and is now viral on internet.

In the viral video, it can be seen a amidst a large number of crowd gathered around in a village along with some police force, one police personnel can be seen dragging a woman in a green dress by pulling her hair on the street.

The incident is of Kandhaipur village in the Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

As per reports, the police hauled the woman after kicking and punching her.

It is reported that there was a dispute between two parties in the village on Monday late evening. The area SO Mailani Rahul Singh Gaur after was informed about the incident reached the spot with heavy police force.

When the police was trying to establish talks between the dispute engaged groups, the villagers became furious and charged against the police and attacked them by pelting stones.

Some  policemen including SO Singh, a lady constable were injured in the stone pelting by the villagers.

Reports added, the police in their retaliation summoned force of other police stations.

Later, the police reached the extent of vandalism. Reports said, they started beating the villagers with batons, the police also barged into the houses of the villagers and beat them.

Reports also claimed, the police showered sticks on minor girls and children, the situation escalated to such situation that the fearful villagers, mostly the women and children saved themselves from the cops blitz by hiding themselves within the crops in the farming fields.

The villagers alleged that the orgy of the police continued till late after midnight.

The officials are now giving clarification on the shameful act of the cops in the virfal video.

Area SP Ganesh Prasad Saha said a report is being summoned on the entire incident. He, added that an action will be taken against those guilty.

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