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Flight fare drops; tickets available for Delhi to Mumbai priced at Rs 4,500

Flight fare

The domestic flight fares have dropped significantly after remaining high for the month of May and early June. The decline in air tickets comes with the southwest monsoon winds sweeping across the Indian heartland. However, India’s daily domestic passenger traffic did not drop drastically. The 24-hour advance purchase airfare to fly from Delhi to Mumbai, has also taken a mighty decline.

Reportedly, in the past week of May and early June, the cheapest fare from Delhi to Mumbai for travel, the very next day started around Rs 19,000 for a one way, non-stop flight. Whereas, the Delhi-Dubai fare was cheaper at Rs 14,000. After the ministry of civil aviation intervened into the matter, the Delhi-Mumbai route dropped to Rs 18,000 and the following week, it declined to Rs 14,000.

According to reports, on Thursday, the cheapest Delhi-Mumbai flight ticket was priced at Rs 4,500 for travel the following day. Meanwhile, a 24-hour advance purchase ticket from Mumbai to Kochi one-way on a non-stop flight is priced at Rs 4000. In the past month, the cheapest tickets on this route commenced at Rs 20,000.

As far as reports are concerned, after Go First suspended its flights in early May, the airline was cleared to operate 1,538 flights a week. Subsequently, airfares on certain domestic routes began rising till they reached an unprecedented level in the last week of May and early June. 

In addition, airfares on flights to Leh and Srinagar increased the most as Go First was the most popular choice for tourists flying to these destinations. Reportedly, the cheapest Delhi-Leh, one way ticket is priced at Rs 15,000. In the previous month, the same route cost Rs 23,000. Nonetheless, last minute flights fares to destinations like Ranchi remain high though. 

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