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Following a warning from a former terrorist group, Manipur intends to fly out Meiteis from Mizoram

The Meiteis from Mizoram, one of the two groups fighting the Kukis, would be flown in from Aizawl by the Manipur government. The Meiteis were invited to return to their native state for their own safety by a group of former militants in Mizoram.

According to the organisation, there is anger among Mizo youths over the incident on May 4 in which two women were stripped of their clothing, paraded naked, and subjected to sexual assault by a gang of males. A video of the incident leaked on Wednesday and sparked widespread indignation.

The Manipur government intends to fly Mizoram residents to Manipur on dedicated ATR planes that fly between Aizawl-Imphal and Aizawl-Silchar.

According to reports, the Mizoram Police increased security measures to safeguard the safety of Meiteis in the city of Aizawl. At Vety College in Selesih, Mizoram University in Tanhril, RIPANS in Zemabawk, and ZMC in Falkawn, security has been stepped up.

The letter said, due to the public outcry over the most recent viral video showing two tribal Kuki – Zo being brutally attacked in Manipur, there may develop tension that could endanger the security of Meiteis living in Aizawl. The letter also said, security preparations are established to safeguard Meitei’s safety in Aizawl.

Although the administration has made plans to airlift Meiteis, specifics regarding the timing of the evacuation operation have not yet been released. In Mizoram, there are a few thousand Meiteis who are primarily from Manipur and south Assam.

A Meitei student who lives in Aizawl said, “The government has plans to airlift Meiteis from Aizawl, but the exact date of the evacuation has not yet been verified.

The Mizo Student’s Union (MSU) announced its intention to conduct a Meitei census at various Mizoram educational institutions in response to the Peace Accord, MNF Returnees Association’s (PAMRA) statement asking Meiteis to leave Mizoram for their safety.

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