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Fresh violence erupts at Manipur, houses dodged to fire

Manipur fresh voilence

A fresh violence erupted in Serou village of Manipur’s Kakching district at least 100 houses were set on fire by suspected militants on Sunday midnight, heavy firing between militant groups and security forces was reports in other parts of the district as well, as per the officials. Congress MLA K Ranjit Singh’s house was vandalized by the mob officials confirmed, adding that the MLA and his family escaped unhurt Serou village. This violence happened even after the center announced a commission of inquiry under the supervision of the former Gauhati High Court Chief Justice Ajai Lamba on Sunday.

BSF team posted in the rural parts of the district was also attacked by a group of militants. There were no major causalities on the side of the BSF team but yet to confirm on the other side. The weapon that were stolen by the militants in the violence before from armories, suspected to be used for the attack on the BSF unit. However, in the last 24 hours, security agencies have recovered 23 arms, the total weapons recovered since Thursday is 202. Earlier, the state police briefed that at least 3,500 guns and over 500000 cartridges were stolen by violent mobs from the armories of the Manipur police after clashes broke out on May 3.

The racial violence between the Meitie group and the Kuki & Naga group has engulfed various parts of the state has claimed 98 lives so far and 310 people injured. There are 4,000 cases of firebombing have been reported in the state over 36,000 people have been displaced. To understand the root cause of the violence and why government has failed to restore the normalcy and peace in the Manipur State, we have to be aware about the history and culture of the Manipur.

 There is a conflict in the State between these two groups, Meitei community and Kuki community. The Kuki and Naga are tribes are 40 percent while Meitei community holds 60 percent of the total population. The Meitei community has been dominance in the state and demands the ST status for them which fear the Kuki and Naga tribes who basically live in the hills area about their existence. They think if the (ST) status is given to the Meitei community who are already a dominant community in the State, atrocities continues on them. Earlier, Supreme Court of India slams the Manipur HC order on Meiteis and ST status.

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