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Gujarat: Woman kills 2-year-old son in Surat; watch Drishyam to escape

In a horrifying incident, a woman killed her son to be with her lover in Gujarat’s Surat. After killing her son, the woman lodged a complaint about her child’s absence. She then joined the police in search for her missing child for three consecutive days. However, the child could not be traced. Meanwhile, as the police investigated the matter further, the woman became a suspect and was subsequently arrested. 

Reportedly, the woman watched ‘Drishyam’ to avert the arrest. In the aforementioned film, there is a crime scene where the body is disposed of after a murder and the case remains unsolved with no arrest made. The women believed that by following the film’s method, the police would not be able to apprehend her and she could join her lover in Jharkhand. According to reports, the woman is identified as Nayana Mandavi. She worked as a labourer at a construction site in Surat’s Dindoli area. The victim is identified as Veer Mandavi. 

Reports claim that the police examined the CCTV footage from the construction site where the woman was employed but did not see the child leaving the premises. Considering this, the police team concluded that the child had not left the construction site. Subsequently, the police interrogated the woman extensively about the disappearance of the child. However, the woman did not provide any satisfactory replies. Later, the police also used a dog squad to search for the missing child, but they did not gather any evidence that the child had left the construction site alive.

As the interrogation proceeded, the woman blamed her lover for kidnapping her child. Her lover reportedly hails from Jharkhand. The police contacted him, however they could not trace his location near Surat. He informed the police that he had never been to Surat. According to reports, the police team faced a significant challenge in finding the whereabouts of the child since he did not leave the construction site and there was also no evidence of abduction. The team strengthened their questioning thereafter. Upon extensive interrogation, the woman confessed about killing her son but did not provide the correct information. 

The woman asserted that she had buried the body in a pit, nonetheless, when the location was excavated, nothing was found. Later again, she told the police that she had thrown the body into a pond, but the police did not find anything there either. The woman, when put under rigorous questioning, revealed that she had thrown the body into a pit which was intended for the construction site’s toilet. The child’s body was recovered from the construction site. 

When enquired about her motive behind killing her son and hiding the body, the woman said that she was originally from Jharkhand and had a lover there. He told her that he would not accept her if she arrived with her child. In an effort to gain acceptance from her lover, the woman killed her son. Following the murder, she watched the film ‘Drishyam’ to escape and learn how to hide the body.

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