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HDFC Bank manager abuses, howls at employees over incomplete account targets

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Recently, Soumi Chakraborty shared a video on LinkedIn which gives us the perfect example of a toxic work environment. HDFC bank’s Senior VP Pushpal Roy, is seen engaging in various inappropriate behaviours, including verbal abuse, public humiliation, and the misuse of authority.

In this video, we can clearly notice that the manager is screaming at his employees in Bengali.

After the release of this video, it has gained lot of attention on social media platforms and people are also raising concerns about the toxic work cultures and few people also demanded an immediate action towards his unethical behaviour.
In response to the incident, HDFC Bank informed that they have suspended the employee and they have also initiated an investigation based on a preliminary inquiry.
In their statement, the bank emphasised on its zero-tolerance policy towards harassment or misconduct in the workplace and they beleive in treating all employees with dignity and respect.

“This bears reference to a recent social media report. Basis a preliminary enquiry in the matter, the concerned employee has been suspended and an investigation initiated to gather all relevant facts. We at HDFC Bank have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment or misconduct at the workplace and firmly believe in treating all our employees with dignity and respect,” the bank statement read.

Toxic work culture is a pervasive and serious issue in India. Many Indian workplaces are marked by a high-pressure, competitive environment that can be emotionally and psychologically draining for employees.

Some common features of toxic work cultures in India include long hours, lack of work-life balance, a hierarchical structure that discourages dissent and innovation, micromanagement, and an excessive focus on individual performance over teamwork.
Workplace discrimination based on gender and caste is also prevalent in many Indian organizations. Harassment, including sexual harassment, is also a major problem, and many companies fail to address such issues properly.

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