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Indian mountaineers climb Mt Brammah-I at 6,416 metres, 50 years after British climber

A historic feat was accomplished by a group of Indian mountaineers as they successfully scaled Mt Brammah-I, a formidable peak standing at an impressive 6416 meters in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district, according to an official statement. This challenging peak, known for its technical difficulty, has been a longstanding aspiration in the mountaineering community ever since British mountaineer Chris Bonnington first scaled it approximately five decades ago.

Located in the Himalayas, east of Kishtwar town and near the border with Himachal Pradesh, MT Brammah-I is part of a mountain massif comprising four peaks, namely Brammah-1, Flat Top, Brammah II, and Arjuna, arranged from west to east. Among these, Brammah II holds the highest position. The nine-member team from the West Bengal-based Sonarpur Arohi Club, including skilled and renowned mountaineers, achieved the historic feat of scaling MT Brammah-I on Tuesday.

This remarkable achievement marks the first Indian team to conquer the summit, creating a significant milestone in the world of mountaineering. The expedition, which began on July 16, was meticulously planned with cooperation from the Kishtwar District administration, various government bodies, and the army. However, adverse weather conditions, including whiteout and heavy snowfall, forced the team to abandon their initial summit attempt, as mentioned by the official.

During the expedition, one of the Sherpa members of the group fell approximately 70 meters, but fortunately survived with minor injuries like bruises, cuts, shock, and snow blindness while searching for the summit route, according to the official. Demonstrating tremendous courage and teamwork, the team decided to wait for his recovery and made another attempt to scale the summit within 30 hours.

Setting out once again at midnight on July 17, the team successfully achieved the goal and summited MT Brammah-I at approximately 10:30 am on July 18. The official noted that the team recorded the height at 6426 meters, which slightly differed from the topo maps’ mentioned elevation of 6416 meters, based on readings from four devices. Nine climbing members and five sherpas accomplished the summit, while three members coordinated activities from the base camp.

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