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India’s Chandrayaan 3 is set to launch today, check details

Chandrayaan 3

India’s Chandrayaan-3 is all set to take off at 2.35 pm on Friday from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. Reportedly, a successful mission will make India the fourth nation to land on the moon. In this mission, the scientists aim to demonstrate several capabilities including reaching the orbit of the moon, making a soft landing on the lunar surface using a lander, and a rover coming out of the lander to study the surface of the moon. 

The concerned scientists noted that after the lift-ff at 2.35pm on Friday, almost 16 minutes after the lift-off, propulsion module is likely to get separated from the rocket and would orbit the earth for about 5-6 times in an elliptical cycle with 170 km closest and 36,500 km farthest from the earth moving towards the lunar orbit. 

As per reports, the moon lander Vikram will be perched on GSLV Mark 3 heavy lift launch vehicle, which is dubbed as the Bahubali rocket. Renamed as Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LM-3), the GSLV stands 43.5 metres tall, almost half as high as Delhi’s Qutub Minar. The journey is expected to take nearly 40 days and the spacecraft will likely touch down on the moon on August 23.  

Speaking to NDTV, ISRO Chief S Somnath said that the main lacuna in the last Chandrayaan-2 mission was that there were off-nominal conditions that were introduced in the system. He added that everything was not nominal. Therefore, the craft was not able to handle the off-nominal condition for safe landing. 

India’s mooncraft will reportedly be the first to land in the South Pole of the moon, where water molecules have been discovered. As far as reports are concerned, Vikram will have a safe, soft landing. Following, the lander will release the rover Pragyan, which will roam the moon’s surface for the lunar day and will carry out scientific experiments. The scientists look forward to analyzing the lunar soil, rove around the moon surface and further log moonquakes. 

In addition, ISRO asserted that according to the learning from the last moon mission, it has reduced the number of engines on the lander from five to four and have also updated the software. It ascertained that everything related to the launch has undergone rigorous testing. 

As far as records are concerned, Chandrayaan-1, India’s maiden mission to the moon was launched in October 2008 and was operational till August 2009. Further, in 2019, the lander of Chandrayaan-2 deviated from the planned trajectory and suffered a hand landing. Reportedly, the orbiter still circles the moon and is sending data.

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