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International Yoga Day 2023: Yoga on the move, right inside a Mumbai local

A five-star hotel in New Delhi has complained that one of its guests, who stayed in the hotel for almost 600 days, checked out of the hotel without paying charges for the entire period he was there which totalled to Rs 50 lakh.

The Roseate House Hotel in Aerocity, located near the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, said in the first information report filed at the IGI Airport police station that the guest, identified as Ankush Dutta, stayed for 600 days, and colluded with one of the hotel employees. Due to the alleged collusion, Dutta stayed in the hotel for almost two years without making any payment.

The FIR filed by Vinod Malhotra, the authorised representative of Bird Airports Hotel Private Limited, accused Ankush Dutta stayed for 600 days without making a single payment. Following this Prem Prakash, the head of the front office department, has been suspected of receiving illicit cash from Dutta in exchange for manipulating the hotel’s internal software system, which tracks guest stays and financial accounts.  

The FIR said a criminal conspiracy was thought up by Dutta with the help of hotel staff, including Prem Prakash, to gain wrongfully and deny the hotel of its rightful dues, the accused staff of the hotel forged, deleted, added account entries and falsified them in the account of Ankush Dutta in the software system of the hotel.

Dutta had checked in for one night but extended his stay. As per hotel policy, if a guest exceeds stay after 72 hours and has not paid the dues, then a staff member has to inform the CEO and FCs. Suspect Prakash did not inform them about Dutta’s outstanding balance.

As per the hotel authority, Dutta submitted three cheques of Rs 10 lakh, Rs 7 lakh, and Rs 20 lakh on different dates, but all of them bounced. The hotel has demanded strict legal action against Dutta and the others.

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