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Jain temple in Shimla bans entry of devotees wearing mini-skirt, revealing clothes

In Shimla, a century-old Jain temple has come up with a decision to ban the entry of devotees wearing revealing clothes. The administrators of the temple defended their action by stating that the decision was taken as per the religious norms. The administrators maintained that it was necessary to uphold decorum, discipline, and Hindu cultural norms.

The temple run by the Shree Digambar Jain Sabha, is popular with the people who come from the Jain community. The notice was put up outside the temple by the authorities banning entry of devotees in short dresses and highlighting the new dress code.

As per the temple’s notice, all women and men have to visit the temple wearing decent clothes. Those who put on short clothes, half pants, Bermuda, mini skirt, night suit, torn jeans, frock, and three-quarter jeans, etc, can only pay salutations outside the temple premises.

On Saturday, a priest of the Jain temple said that the decision was taken keeping in mind, the changing fashion and sartorial preferences in women and the corrosion of values in the Hindu society. He said that the decision was taken to maintain decorum, discipline, and values.

Sanjay Kumar Jain, a priest at the Jain temple in Shimla, said that anyone visiting the temple needs to be in decent clothes. Temple authority has prohibited the entry of people wearing half pants, half clothes, miniskirts, torn jeans, etc. He further added that people are falling out of the habit of visiting temples these days and maintaining culture and traditions has become a struggle. 

Sanjay Kumar Jain compared the current generation with the past. He said earlier elders would visit temples in decent clothes but now the young boys and girls, as well as adult women, visit temples in short-length clothes which goes against temple norms. The influx of Western habits and culture has corroded religious values.

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