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Jharkhand man dies after following YouTube videos to treat toothache

Jharkhan man

A 26-year-old Ajay Mahto from Jharkhand has died after following a home remedy for toothache.

According to the reports, Mahto allegedly consumed excessive oleander seeds after watching YouTube videos claiming to treat toothache. After consuming the recommended seeds from YouTube channels, his health consistently deteriorated and was rushed to the Bishnugarh Community Health Centre in Hazaribagh.

However, Mahto was declared dead by the doctors. The father of the deceased, Nunuchand Mahto, said that his son consumed Kaner seeds in large quantities after watching YouTube videos to treat his toothache after which his health condition became serious.    

The father of the deceased further informed to the doctor that Mahto was staying at a lodge in the Nutan Nagar colony limits of Hazaribagh Muffasil police station, where he was preparing for competitive exams. He has been suffering from toothache for the last one week.

Nunuchand said his son was hardworking and as a student, he had done excellent in his academics both in class 10 and 12 CBSE exams.

As per the reports, Mahto was influenced by several YouTube videos and consumed Kaner seeds instead of cross-checking the remedy with a doctor. The Hazaribagh civil surgeon S P Singh said that the seeds are highly dangerous and could be life-threatening.

Many studies have suggested that the use of Kaner seed are dangerous. In fact, all the parts of the plant are not safe, especially the oleander seeds. Due to these seeds, people have lost their life across the country. Children’s numbers are higher among other age groups. These are not only harmful to humans but they are also harmful to animals.  

Another incident that was reported from Bihar, In this incident, a young man (25) died after eating 150 momos in a momo-eating food challenge where he bet for Rs 1,000.

The incident took place at Gyani Mor in the Siwan district of Bihar, where the deceased Vipin Kumar agreed to a bet of Rs 1,000 among friends over who could eat the maximum number of momos and he later slumped to the ground unconscious after eating momos.

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