Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Journalist MAYURI on a journey to motivate masses giving message “MAY U RISE”

Mayuri is one of the brave journalist who has come a long way as an inspiration to aspiring young minds in the industry. She is defining and setting rules to live an aspiring life. A journalist by profession covered one to one interviews of approximately 100 celebrities (both political & film industry). She met minister of home affairs of india “Mr.Amit Shah”& covered reporting of prime minister of india “Mr. Narender Modi”on his visits to noida & presently she is working as an editor of a digital news channel.

since her childhood she got to know that her grandfather ,a businessman & social activist late “Mr. Bharat lal “

helped deprived families of society.she has been inspired by her grandfather & following his path as a social activist by helping people.

A designer & an artist by interest/hobby & now a motivational speaker & writer by chance .she felt the urge to inspire & motivate people as she always felt that it really helps when someone is in his/her low phase of life or struggling hard in life .mayuri was drag down & being bullied by many people in her own life .she struggled a lot to transform herself & finally came out of that phase & transformed (physically & mentally)herself & realised how difficult it was for her to beat that battle & came out of that situation,she decided to help those who lost hope in their life or struggling in life .she has started motivating people on social media & making short motivational videos.

Mayuri is emerging as an entrepreneur,social activist & a writer as well.she is one of those proud women who with sheer hard work & preserverance transformed her life & successfully defeated the obstacles. A career trajectory of being a journalist,business women ,social activist,she is the example of the modern women who can achieve success in abundance no matter how hard life can get .

She states in her own words “nothing is impossible if you believe,you can achieve”

Here is the reel/ video we are sharing with the masses ,this reel gone viral on Instagram:

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