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Kerala: Woman duped of Rs 8 lakh by Facebook friend

A Kerala woman was duped of Rs 8 lakh by a person who she befriended on Facebook. This incident gives social media users a reminder why they should be careful while accepting friend requests and chatting on social media platforms. A 39-year old woman in Kerala was duped of Rs 8 lakh after she fell victim of a gift scam. The woman worked as an accountant at a sweet shop in Kasaragod municipality in Kerala. The woman paid Rs 8 lakhs in six installments.

The scam particularly started when she received a friend request on Facebook from someone who claimed to be a friend from the UK. The person’s name was identified as ‘Dr. Kennedy Nick Moores’. The victim claimed that she checked the profile before she accepted the friend request.

The woman asserted that she found that the person was from Berlin who stayed in Birmingham, UK. She added that both of them did not talk for five months. After they started chatting, the scammer told her about an expensive gift bought especially for her. The woman asserted that she resisted but the scammer insisted she share her postal address. After checking with her manager, the woman gave the scammer her address.

Reports stated that she received a call from someone who claimed to be from a courier company called Perfect Cargo. The person asked her to pay Rs 25,400 in order to receive the gift. The woman narrated that following the call, she checked Google and found the courier company was genuine. However, she did not have the money to pay. The woman then contacted the Facebook friend and conveyed that the person should pay for the delivery. Reportedly, the scammer got angry after this and added that she was insulting him. 

Later, the person from the courier company contacted her again claiming that the package had an iPhone. Following, she transferred the aforesaid amount to a google pay account provided by the delivery person. After this payment, the person from the courier called again conveying that the package is with the Income Tax Department because they recovered Rs 40 lakh hidden inside the package. Subsequently, she was asked to pay Rs 87,000 to obtain a court order to release the package. 

When the Facebook ‘friend’ was contacted, he told her to ignore the package if she didn’t want the money. By this time, she had already fallen into the trap. She transferred the money to the same Google Pay account. The woman was then asked for Rs 2.17 lakh to get an NOC from the Income Tax Department. To pay the aforesaid amount, she borrowed it from her relatives and friends and transferred the amount. 

Later, the courier company then asked for Rs 4.73 lakh so that the illegal exchange can be kept under the sheet. Reportedly, earlier in this week, she received a call again asking for an additional Rs 67,000 but by that time, the woman understood that she was conned. The Facebook friend later said that he didn’t want to be disturbed. 

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