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Lalu Yadav of old resurfaces in press conference, cracks one-liners on Rahul Gandhi, Modi | Watch

Lalu Yadav and Rahul Gandhi

RJD president Lalu Yadav attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. Lalu said he has become physically fit now and the time has come to fit Modi since he has caused damage to the country.

Speaking to journalists after the joint opposition meeting in Patna, the Lalu of old times seemed to return. He invoked the recent Karnataka Assembly elections and said the BJP entered the electoral field there by invoking Lord Hanuman’s name to gain from his name in the election but it backfired on them.

Lord Hanuman has thrashed BJP with his mace and made Congress win the election, he regaled the media corps in his characteristic manner. The RJD boss also talked about PM Modi’s State visit to the US. PM Modi is no longer a national leader but he has come down to the level of a local leader. He is distributing “chandan” in the US, Lalu said. Once upon a time, he was not allowed entry into the US because of the 2002 Gujarat riots. His visa was canceled by the US authorities, he reminded the media.

Now, the country has been suffering from inflation and unemployment which has been the highest in 45 years but this government has been hiding behind Hindu-Muslim conflict and chanting Lord Hanuman. He further added Lord Hanuman has switched sides and joined the opposition party now.

On that basis, he said the BJP will see a big defeat in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha election. This government has been confused with the currency circulation, a few years ago they prevent a legal tender of Rs 1000 note and issued a new Rs 2000 note and again they banned it. All opposition parties have been together in this fight against BJP, the RJD chief said.

Lalu Yadav was all praise for Rahul Gandhi for his work. He has united the whole country through the Bharat Jodo Yatra and raised genuine questions in Parliament. Following his statement, Lalu Yadav joked that Rahul Gandhi did not follow his suggestion about marriage. He should have married before but it’s never too late, the RJD veteran said, much to the amusement of everyone at the press conference.

Lalu assured that there will be another meeting in July in Shimla to prepare the agenda on how to move ahead together while working in their respective states to fight BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

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