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Madhya Pradesh: Free tomatoes with smartphones in Ashok Nagar | Watch

An official said on Sunday that the Indore police had filed a complaint against Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh for allegedly uploading a contentious tweet about former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) president MS Golwalkar on social media.

An FIR was filed against Singh on Saturday night under Indian Penal Code sections 153-A which stands for promoting enmity between different groups on the basis of religion, race, place of birth, or residence, 469 which stands for forgery with intent to damage reputation, 500 which stands for defamation, and 505 which stands for statements encouraging public mischief,  in response to a complaint made by local attorney and RSS activist Rajesh Joshi.

Joshi said in his complaint that Singh had posted a contentious poster on Facebook with the name and image of Guruji who was popularly referred as Golwalkar to stir hatred among Dalits, members of the underprivileged sections, Muslims, and Hindus. This claim was supported by the police report.

According to the FIR filed by police in Madhya Pradesh, the complaint stated Singh’s Facebook post about Golwalkar allegedly offended the religious sentiments of Sangh workers and the entire Hindu community.

A local Sangh official said that Singh had posted a false and unwarranted post about Golwalkar on social media in an effort to damage the organization’s reputation.

On Saturday, Singh posted a photo of a page with multiple contentious quotes attributed to the former RSS chief, known to his followers as Guruji.

Golwalkar was reported as saying that he preferred living under British authority to granting Muslims, Dalits, and backward people equal rights. There were also some more contentious statements ascribed to him.

Sunil Ambekar, a senior RSS official and the head of the organization’s publicity division, accused the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh of uploading a photoshopped image after seeing the post.

He added that Guruji never said anything like that, that it was unfounded, and that it was intended to foment social unrest.

He also said, he had dedicated his life to eliminating social prejudice.

Golwalkar, who led the RSS from 1940 until 1973, had the longest tenure as its leader.

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