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Man offers thirsty squirrel a drink of water, IFS officer hails him | Watch Video


A video was shared by the IFS officer on social media in which a man offers a drink of water to a thirsty squirrel. He applauded the person for his good deed and added that the world is still full of good people and several videos on the internet prove that time by time. Every day such new videos are added to the internet, and this video shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda is one such precious addition.

In a video shared on Twitter, the clip shows a person approaching a tree with a small water bottle. As the video goes on, a little squirrel can be seen sitting in the branches. The person offers the thirsty squirrel some water, and it eagerly swigs down the water while holding the bottle. Even when the person takes the bottle away, the squirrel tries to hold on to it. This was the best moment in the video.

An IFS officer said that the man in the video had earned the trust of a thirsty squirrel with a few drops of water. He watched the video in loops from the moment when it asks for more toward the end.

The heartwarming video was first shared by the Biltek Plus page on Twitter, after which a video got the attention of an IFS officer, later he posted the video on his social media account.

The video has already garnered over 10 thousand views and tons of reactions. People praised the kind-hearted person for helping out the parched animal. Many commented on how everyone should extend a helping hand to animals and birds in this sweltering heat.

Another user said that empathy should not be just for fellow human beings, but for every being on this planet is the only thing this planet needs.

Many others had remarked on how people not taking care of this planet are impacting all of the life sources. With dried-out water bodies, animals are forced to find alternate water sources.

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