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Man waylays schoolgirl in Mathura by-lane, holds her captive by the hand, helpless girl scared, breaks down as passersby don’t help, incident caught on CCTV

A shocking video is doing round from Kanker city in Chhattisgarh, revealing a distressing incident of violence and abuse towards innocent children at an adoption centre. The Shivnagar adoption centre, which should serve as a safe haven, has turned into a house of torment. The viral video clearly depicts a woman violently pulling a child’s hair and throwing her to the ground, raising serious concerns about the safety of girls in such facilities.

Anurag Tiwari, NDTV journalist tweets the viral video stating how someone can be so barbaric, the pictures are disturbing but it is necessary that the culprit should be punished. He said there is an orphanage in Kanker, it is alleged that the person shown in the video is program manager who is showing some kind of barbarism, tagging Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel said what kind of society we have created. After the video goes viral several person on twitter asked for the strict action against the culprit.

The brutality can be seen in the video, woman can be seen inhumanly beating the children. She strikes a young girl with her hand, forcefully throws her to the ground, and even hurls her onto a bed after making her stand up. The girls cries and screams for mercy but the woman continue to inflict harm and shows no mercy towards the child, it can be seen that two maid pass by the scene but ignored the violence and do nothing to stop it. The violence does not stop here, heartless woman calls another child from distance and subject her to further brutal beating, even resorting to verbal abuse.

According to the report, the woman is identified as Seema Drivedi, the program manager. Due to her cruelty children are psychologically disturbed, will have long life impact on them. Although CCTV cameras are installed for security but the program manager switches them off at night, raising doubts about the safety protocols in place.  

Previously, there have been complaints by the employees against the manager. It is alarming to know that despite many complaints by the employees, there has been no action against her instead resulting in termination of the employees. Eight employees who opposed her action were fired within a year. In fact complaint reaching the Women and Children Development Department, no action has been taken, allowing the program manager to continue her abusive behavior unchecked.

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