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Manipur violence: Tribal Leaders Forum rejects dialogue with CM Biren Singh

In an unlawful breach of traffic safety regulations, a man was seen in Mumbai riding his scooter while hauling seven young kids.

The horrifying video was posted by a Twitter user and features a man on a scooter with two kids up front, three kids sitting, and two kids standing in the back. 

While sharing the video on Twitter, he wrote, this irresponsible maniac is riding with seven children on a scooter. The user also sought the immediate arrest of the man for risking the lives of seven young children. Even he also said that the parents of these kids should be prosecuted. Along with his post, he tagged the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mumbai police, and Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

Recognising the matter, a case was registered and the man was detained in central Mumbai by Mumbai traffic police for attempted culpable homicide as well as for endangering the lives of children and other people walking on the road. He was charged with trying to commit culpable homicide under Section 308 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Mumbai traffic police through its official account tweeted, this is not the ride that they support.

Netizens are showing their anger and want the accused to be punished as soon as possible. Comments on the video are flooded about traffic rules, road safety, and the moral responsibilities of riders and drivers. 

One user wrote, he is putting all their lives at risk. And that of others who are on the road at the same time as him. They raised the concern and said, people on 2-wheelers could fall if this vehicle loses balance and collides with them.

Another user showed his anger by commenting no helmet Complete Mockery for law and order.  

Some even compared this act with the Guinness Book of World Records where a total number of 58 people were there on the bike. Tornadoes Motorcycle Team (India) in Karnataka, on 19 November 2017  beat the previous holders with two additional riders in order to set this record. 

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