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Meet Ashok prasad abhishek  Indias rising producer, director and investor.

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek), the youngest and newest name in the film industry, is making his audience go crazy with the help of his ideas and thought process.

  Not just that before getting into the film industry, he used to work in the IT sector, where he collected knowledge in areas like marketing, share market, investments, crypto, and more.

Although most people think that Ashok Prasad always wanted to get into the film industry and was aware of where he wanted to go, but that was not the case as Ashok Prasad (Abhishek )started his career in an IT Firm where he used to work as an IT industrialist, where he was doing fantastic. . Mr.Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) started his journey with iEve Era IT in the year 2000, he further expanded his journey by creating iEve Era trending company. Although he was stable in that career and wanted to achieve great heights, he still thought about trying what he wanted to do. That’s when the thought of getting into the Indian film industry came into his mind.

Ashok being a part of several jobs and sectors like investor & trader, social activist, IT industrialist and more, he does not think like a regular producer while producing or directing a film.  He comes up with a unique approach, an approach with the help of which he’s able to know what his audience wants. He has been conferred with the prestigious award for best IT services 2022 by international human rights council by Mr suno kuntal , president of entertainment sector , human rights council.  Recently he produced a film named “Abhineta se Rajneta” with superstars like Dinesh Lal Yadav and Amrapali Dubey. Abhineta se Rajneta” is a movie based on the life story of Dinesh Lal Yadav, known as Nirhua. And Ashok Prasad picked the Bhojpuri language because both the story and the artist had a fantastic connection with their audience in Bhojpuri. 

Being a complete newbie to the film industry, where he worked as a film producer, he faced many issues, but he kept going. “Today people  need stories that can only entertain  but add more value  to their lives” says ashok. He  also mentioned that a lot of people want to do a number of things, but they cannot do it because they always look for the right timing. But according to Ashok Prasad, there is no right timing; you just need to go for it and give your best for the best possible outcomes.

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