Mohammed Abdul Saif is an enthusiast, a VFX editor and a successful person who is booming the world with his skills and kindness

Mohammed Abdul Saif

Mohammed Abdul Saif -born 17 march 1994 in Hyderabad, India, who holds a BA in vfx & Animations degree from MGU in Hyderabad. He is a fitness freak, nature lover and video creator. He even love singing. He is a photographer. He is filled with motivation & positive energy and has even encouraged one of his companions to surrender self – destruction, unique thoughts. He have unique personalities, look’s like vampire and even he is famous for his unique look and making videos on Instagram.

He always kept his parents as his mentors and trust in his God. Believing Self and moving forward with own creativity. Learning about vfx animations is his passion, he even got offers to work with vfx companies in different city’s. As he can’t relocate to other city decided to leave animations field and moved to BPO Field, Career started in 2018 with domestic company and worked for 18 months den got offer from MNC company International Process dealing with international Customers. Saif the person who struggled alot for dreams. Love making reels on Instagram with influencing people helping them to grow with content. Always suggesting people for right path making good bonding with everyone. People call him Vampire.

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