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Murder of a class 11 student in Gwalior, 7 people arrested

Murder of a class 11 student in Gwalior, 7 people arrested

In a major breakthrough, the police have arrested all 7 individuals involved in the murder of a class eleven student in Gwalior. The arrests took place in three different states, namely Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Notably three of the suspects are minors.

Providing details of the case, superintendant of police (SP) Rajesh Singh Chandhel stated that the key accused was a jilted lover who ended up killing the target’s friend. The incident occurred on Monday night when the victim accompanied by her friend, was returning home on an Activa scooter after birthday shopping.

The attack took place near Sindhi colony, where the assailants on a motorcycle intercepted their vehicle. The victim identified as 19 year old Akshaya Yadav was shot instead of the intended target. She was the granddaughter of the former Director General Of Police of the state.

Investigation into the incident revealed Sumit Rawat as the prime suspect, who had been harassing both girls for an extended period. The incident unfolded in Tilak Nagar, close to Mascot Hospital coinciding Akshaya’s birthday on July 12. She had received money from her father to buy clothes. Akshaya a resident of Sikandar Kampu area attended coaching classes in Laxmibai Colony.

Her neighbor and close friend accompanied her on the day of the incident. After their coaching session they went to the market before heading home, with Akshaya driving the Activa and her friend riding pillion. Upon reaching Tilak Nagar, the assailants seated on a motorcycle fired two shots at the victims.

One bullet struck Akshaya’s hand, while the other hit her chest. Locals rushed them to JAH trauma centre in an auto-rickshaw. Despite their efforts Akshaya succumbed to her injuries before receiving medical treatment. Initially the attending doctor at the hospital declared her dead but when her parents arrived and claimed that she was still breathing she was rushed to the trauma centre.

The SP and the assistant superintendant of police also visited the hospital where the doctor reaffirmed her demise after reevaluating her condition. According to the girl who survived the attack, the assailants team comprised of four individuals, two of whom were riding the motorcycle. All of them had concealed their faces, making identification challenging.  

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