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National Broadcasting Day 2023: History, Significance and interesting facts

National Broadcasting Day 2023

Every year on July 23, India celebrates National Broadcasting Day. The day is observed to celebrate the impact of radio on our lives. The day also marks the commencement of organised radio broadcast in the country by All India Radio. Reportedly, the radio served as the sole broadcasting medium before TV came into existence.


The India Broadcasting Company started its operations and became the first radio company in India. Nonetheless, the company faced liquidation in less than three years. Following, All India Radio (AIR) came into being in April 1930 as the Indian Broadcasting Service. On June 8, it was rebranded again as All India Radio. Since 1956, All India Radio has been officially known as ‘Akashvani’. The name was reportedly derived from a poem of the same name by Rabindranath Tagore in 1938. 


Radio has been considered to be an important part of people’s life in India, since 1927. The All India Radio has been serving to inform, entertain and educate the masses truly upholding its motto, ‘Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujana Sukhaya’, as per AIR. In addition, the day also reminds one about Netaji Subhash Candra Bose, who introduced Radio to encourage Indians to rise against British rule.

Interesting facts

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by AIR. The superstar tried to get a job at AIR but he was rejected due to his voice.

Between 1940-1971, AIR banned the use of harmonium. The national broadcasting platform considered it incapable of handling the complex Indian classical notes.

The first commercial on AIR was started in 1967

The National Broadcasting network, Doordarshan was initiated on September 15, 1959. Both Doordarshan and AIR worked under the same authority till April 1, 1976 but was later separated.

Quotes on National Broadcasting Day:

Radio: it ties a million ears to a single mouth

Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer. 

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