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Noida: Increase in Hindon water level submerges area near Ecotech 3

International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem is observed annually on July 26 with an aim to increase global understanding of the significance of the mangrove ecosystem as distinct, precious, and delicate environments. Celebrating the special occasion, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to explain the importance of mangrove. 

Sharing an explanatory video to understand how mangrove protects people from Tsunami, Cyclones and storms, the IFS officer wrote that mangroves are nature’s own disaster manager. He further mentioned that mangroves act as a buffer and reduce the impact of cyclones and storm surge, they break the wind force, provide habitat to animals during cyclones and also reduces pollution. 

Explaining the mechanism, the IFS officer elaborated that mangroves create a maze and dense habitat. With species that are salt tolerant and have special adaptations, mangroves act like buffers which slow down wind and consume energy. After passing the mangroves, the storm dampens. Sharing another picture which shows mangrove forest and prominently its rood, Parveen Kaswan explained that those roots are called prop roots. He added that in the mangrove ecosystem they are adventitious support roots. They grow down from lateral branches in a way to support trees, while doing other root functions. Furthermore, roots buffer against damage to coasts and enhance biodiversity and carbon sequestration. 

Narrating another picture, the IFS officer wrote that the roots seen in the picture are pneumatophores. He noted that the mangrove ecosystem has a high amount of soil, moisture and salt. In an effort to take air, the trees built special aerial roots. These roots come out from the ground and can grow upto 30 cm. Successively, the air is then supplied to all parts of the trees. He further explains that as thick as the mangrove belt is, more effective it will be in resistance to cyclones and other disasters.

Reacting to the IFS officer’s explanation, a social media user commented that nature is amazing and no one can match the way mother nature has created all the things. Another social media user wrote that deforestation is the biggest issue confronting the nation. She added that development needs to be planned with least cutting of the trees. 

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