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Odisha train crash: Father travelled 230 km to locate son, who was declared dead, later finds him alive in morgue

The father of a victim in Odisha train accident on June 2, travelled 230 KM in search of a son who was declared dead.

The father had refused to accept that his son died in the tragic train accident in Balasore. He did not lose hope and travelled over 230 km from Kolkata to Balasore to find his son.

Biswajit Malik, 24, was presumed to have died in the train accident. his father Helaram Malik pursued a relentless quest to locate his son and his dedication to find his son led him to a makeshift morgue in Odisha where he arrived in an ambulance from Kolkata after a long journey.

Helaram who runs a small shop in Howrah, took brother-in-law, Dipak Das’s help in getting son back home.

Initially, it was not easy for Helaram to locate his son, he tirelessly searched for his son and failed many times. His will power helped him, Helaram and Das while their search, arrived at Bahanaga High School where they were encountered with a temporary morgue filled with numerous dead bodies of the victims of the train accident. After all the odds and struggle they finally found Biswajit, they discovered a severely injured body but alive. They quickly took him to Balasore Hospital where he was given immediate medical assistance.

However, doctor adviced Helaram to transfer his son to Cuttack Medical College Hospital but despite this recommendation, He discharged Biswajit and returned home, signing a bond. Das and Helaram arranged an ambulance, Biswajit remained largely unconscious throughout their journey back to Kolkata.

It was surprising to know that Biswajit’s condition remained stable despite his critical injuries. When he arrived Kolkata, he underwent surgery at SSKM Hospital’s Trauma care unit.

The forensic medical report of Biswajit’s survival says the concept of suspended animation, where a person’s vital signs significantly reduces. Expert Somnath said, it is possible that due to the circumstances of the search and rescue operations, the injured passengers vital signs were not adequately checked.

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