Friday, September 22, 2023
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On Centre’s command, Tamil Nadu Governor holds Minister Senthil Balaji’s dismissal order

The BJP led Central government could table a bill on implementing a uniform civil code in the monsoon session of Parliament, according to reports. The monsoon session of the Parliament is scheduled to commence from the third week of the coming month. Reports claim that the Uniform Civil Code bill may be sent to the parliamentary standing committee which will hear from multiple stakeholders on the uniform civil code.

This follows after the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel Public Grievances, Law and Justice summoned representatives of Law Commission and the law ministry on July 3 on a recent notice issued by the law panel enquiring about the views of the stakeholders on the issue of a Uniform Civil Code. 

In accordance to the schedule of the standing committee on law and personnel, it will hear the views of representatives of the law panel and legal affairs and legislative departments of the law ministry on public notice issued by the Law Commission of India on June 14, 2023, inviting views from several stakeholders on the Uniform Civil Code, under the subject ‘Review of Personal Laws’. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for uniform laws for people across communities. He asserted that the Muslim community of the country is being instigated over sensitive issues. Notably, the Supreme Court has also advocated for a uniform civil code. Speaking about the same, the Prime Minister noted that even the apex court has pushed for its implementation, people who are practicing vote bank politics are opposing it. He further questioned how a country can run on two systems. 

PM Narendra Modi’s statement triggered a nationwide debate after multiple leaders claimed that he was raising the uniform civil code issue as a diversion tactic from real problems such as inflation, unemployment, and the situation in the northeastern state of Manipur. 

Reportedly, the uniform civil code is a proposal which is aimed at replacing personal laws on the grounds of religions, customs, and traditions with one common law for every citizen of the country, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion or gender. 

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