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Pak-based hackers return, target Indian Army, education sector in new cyber attack

Pakistan attack

Indian security researchers on Saturday shared about a new series of cyber attacks crafted by a notorious Pakistan-based group against the Indian Army and the education sector.

According to the report, there has been continuing target on the Indian government and military entities by a persistent threat group Transparent Tribe who are active since 2013. The Transparent Tribe group also known as APT-36 has been using different techniques to decoy the Indian Army, which led to compromising their high-tech systems. The Transparent Tribe group has used a malicious file named Revision of Officers Posting Policy this time to lure the Indian Army.

The file that the group used to target the Army systems looked legitimate in the first place but once the file opened, it exposed the vulnerabilities as it contained embedded malware. It has been also observed that the target on the Indian Army system and education sector has increased lately, the Indian security research team said.

Transparent Tribe has been consistently focusing on infiltrating in prestigious educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Technology and Business schools since May 2022.

In the early month of 2023, the cyber attack on the Indian Army system intensified and it reached a peak in February month.

Researchers added the sub-group of the Transparent Tribe known as Side Copy, a group that imitated the tactics of the Sidewinder APT-36 has also been involved in targeting Indian Defence Organisation. The modus operandi of this group involved testing a domain hosting malicious files, and potentially serving as a phishing page.

The sophisticated tactic was used to fool unsuspecting victims so that the group could be successful in stealing sensitive information.

As per the report, such files have exploited macro-enabled PowerPoint add-ons (PPAM) to hide archive files as object linking and embedding (OLE) which effectively camouflages the presence of malware.

According to the report, Seqrite Antivirus, a Quick Heal’s enterprise security brand has recommended some preventive measures such as exercising caution while opening email attachments or downloading files, especially if they have been unsolicited or from unknown sources.

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